Want to Get hi

but Don't Know How

it Works?

Choose from our provider network and use your hi™ benefits just as you would traditional coverage. Based on your Coverage Level, you take care of the co-pay and we will take care of the rest. It's just that simple.

How hi™ Works.

We make it simple for you to find the right Provider for needs. See how it all works below.

Tasha gets a "Bronze" Individual Plan

Individuals go online and sign up for coverage by picking a Coverage Level that fits  their lifestyle. Within 24hrs they are approved and an account is created making them "Members" of our hi™ Family.

Once approved for coverage, Policy Holders receive their Member ID Card(s), Member Benefit Guide as well as access to our user-friendly Network of Providers to choose from.

Tasha is having a problem and is in need of a Healer.
Tasha logs on to our national database to find her desired Provider.

From substance abuse, pain crisis, doula services, chakra alignments, sound therapy, spiritual healing and more, hi™ covers all sorts of alternative treatments. 

When a Member is in need of a Provider, they are able to our national database, locate one and schedule services directly with them. 

Tasha pays her co-pay (based on her plan) and receives treatment.

Based on the Member's Coverage Level, the Provider will charge the Member a co-pay for services rendered based on the agreed rates and percentages of coverage. The Member pays the co-pay and hi™ covers the agreed balance to the Provider.

EXAMPLE: If a Member has the Bronze Coverage Plan (50% coverage) and is pregnant and needs a Doula, if the Provider’s fee is $1,000 hi™ will pay out 50% of the contracted fee, making the Member's co-pay $500.

That simple.

Tasha is healed and everyone is happy!

Tasha is now healed and feeling amazing and the Practitioner has been paid and feels great about the services they provided.