Lucky Us... Investors!

money in a jar

You ever heard that saying, "Sometimes things just fall into your lap"? Well this is one of those stories.

A few weeks ago, after had approved the brand from our brand company, 7th Wonder, I called a good friend of mine who is also a very established lobbyist. I sent over the NDA and had him review my plan. I just wanted to see how doable someone else thought this thing could be. I had no idea what to expect. But I definitely didn't expect what came out of his mouth next.

He said to me, "Seven, you're going to need between a quarter of a million ($250,000.00) to 1 million dollars ($1,000,000.00) or possibly more. He saw the look in my eyes (saying to him, "WHERE AM I GOING TO FIND THAT TYPE OF MONEY") and I guess said, "put a great business plan together and I will go look for the money".

I can't lie, in that moment, I was completely flustered. I dropped my head and just went back to work on my vision. It was only because I had no idea of the moving pieces yet to even put together a business plan. So I did what any man my age would do... I went to Facebook.

While browsing some business pages, I found a post that spoke about funding business ideas. I thought to myself, "THIS IS IT!" So I contacted the author of the post. After about 3 minutes of speaking to him, it was quickly identified that this was not the deal for me. They were only giving up to $20,000 and you just heard what my friend said. I NEED $1,000,0000!

After about 5 minutes went by, I got a message. It was the same man from the lending company. He forwarded me over to a woman from a completely different company, due to their investment capacity, he thought we would work better together. I was thankful that he would even do that. But I was not ready for what would happen next.

Long story short, I ended up talking to a woman named Jamie from a very sought after investment firms in Atlanta, GA. She asked for my pitch and I gave it to her, completely knocking her socks off! She loved the concept. She loved that it was HOLISTIC and INSURANCE!!! I showed her the value of our idea and they decided to make us their number 1 priority for funding. And to add a little bit of irony in there, mostly all of the investors who have touched this project have all been members of the holistic community and partakers of the lifestyle, making this a match made in divine space.

I can't wait to give the final news once the first round of investments has gone through and are completely launched! Keep us in your thoughts and hearts as we do just that.


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