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Out the mouths of babes! The birth of our name.

It started with me transitioning from my branding world and coming over into the world of holistic care as an international healer. I knew that my prices would keep a lot of people from being able to afford my services. I didn't want to disrespect my talents by reducing my exchange request either. So what was the answer? I pondered on this for weeks upon weeks as my life started to tear apart at the expense of helping others.

After I went through the feelings of guilt for wanting a better life for myself and family through the natural efforts of what I am here to do, the idea hit me like a ton of bricks. It was like as if Spirit said to me, "If they can't afford you, then build something to assist them in doing so"!

Immediately, I started researching holistic insurance companies and couldn't find but 2. That was when I instantly knew that I had my hands on something huge! I knew that this would help many in their quests to better health and better lives. But what would I name such a thing?

I went from "Occult Insurance" to "Healers Insurance" and as I kept trying to focus on what to call this amazing idea, I was reminded of being a new father as my youngest daughter would fight my thoughts for her attention. All I could hear her say was, "HI", "HI", "HI", "HI"!!! It was right then and there when I said, "OK BABY... HI!" and just then is when it hit me! "hi... holistic insurance" YES!!! THATS IT! I picked her up and hugged her so tight and with the biggest kiss, I said, "DADDY LOVES YOU!"

Thus, it was born... Officially. hi. holistic insurance.


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